Sunday, July 8, 2012

**Eargasims Accessories Waist Bead Giveaway**

Giveaway 2 of 5 for the month of July is being sponsored by Eargasims Accessories!! This time she's giving away 1 waist bead. They are really cute and in my opinion they make the perfect summer accessory. In case you are wondering what waist beads are here is a description taken from Earagaims' Facebook page: 

Waist beads are like necklaces or bracelets that are worn around your waist. In some cultures, waist beads are a symbol of a woman's  confidence in her body and her sexuality. These beads can be made loose enough  to hang low on your hips or wrap comfortably around your waist. (eHow)
Waist beads are an age old African tradition and are worn for vast reasons and purposes to celebrate femininity, healing, spirituality, power, balancing, attracting and keeping a mate, rites of passage, rejuvenation, initiations, first menses, energy, and body shaping. African women have traditionally worn waist beads beneath their clothing placed beneath the belly button and can be single or multiple strands.  Other cultures proudly display the beads over their clothes or on bare midriffs. The art of adorning ones self has been practiced since the beginning of time. Today waist beads are alive and well in the United States, where they are worn as a form of self expression and style, but can still have any significance the wearer chooses.

So here we go....this giveaway will run from July 8th until 12:01am est on July 14th. The winner will be announced on July 14th. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win. ALL entries will be verified so please make sure to follow the instructions so your entries will count!

Good Luck!!

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