Sunday, August 26, 2012

Viviscal Extra Stength Hair Vitamins

Twist out a few days after the cut

A month or so ago I got a haircut because of the odd shape my hair had grown into. I had some breakage in the crown and some damaged ends in the front as a result of stress and failure to take care of my hair properly because of my hectic schedule. I wanted the haircut to fix all of that regardless of how short my stylist would have to cut it and she did just that. Once I saw how much of my hair was taken off I was kind of upset with myself for not caring for my hair as I should and knew that I needed to do better.

I've heard and read some great testimonials about Viviscal Hair Vitamins so I was extremely happy to be given the opportunity to try them out for myself. I received a 90 day supply of the Viviscal Extra Strength vitamins and began taking them on July 23, 2012. Viviscal offers two types of hair vitamins; this particular one is said to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth. They are dietary supplements and the main ingredient in the Extra Strength vitamins is AminoMar C Marine Complex. The directions state that you are to take two tablets per day with water after food; one tablet in the morning and one in the evening.
While I've decided not to measure my hair until the end of the 3 months I can tell that there has been some growth, specifically at my edges. Whether or not the rate of growth is more than the typical rate, I don't know and won't be able to tell until after the 90 day period when I do my final length check. I measured my hair on the day I started taking the supplements and it measured as follows:
Left Back-5 1/2 inches
Right Back-5 1/2 inches
Left Side-6 7/8 inches
Right Side-7 inches
Crown-6 3/8 inches
Front Center-9 1/4 inches

Left-July 23rd
Right-August 19th
I will come back at the end of October with the results and comparison pictures so stay tuned for that!

Disclaimer: I was given this product for the purpose of completing this review. I was NOT paid or encouraged to do a positive review. I have given an honest description of my experience with this product and I am in no way responsible for your experience with the product and/or company.

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