Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Got Moisture?

One of the first things you are taught as a natural is the importance of keeping your hair moisturized. With kinky hair this can a bit tricky as our hair cuticles don't lay flat and that basically provides an open door for moisture to escape. We are constantly told to MOISTURIZE and SEAL our hair! Once you have the stand moisturized it's important to trap the moisture in by using an oil or butter.

So you are probably wondering why I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to such a basic, natural hair 101 concept. Well, it's simply because people are not getting it! I can't tell you how many times I see product reviews where people swear the product moisturized their hair but the product contains not an ounce of water. I even see butter based products advertized as moisturizers. These products will help retain moisture but moisturize alone?....absolutely not! 

The reason I started this blog was to help others avoid making the same mistakes I did. I was once that girl who believed moisture could be in the form of an oil and if products were advertized as a moisturizer it must be. Now, the first thing I do is check the ingredient label to make sure water is listed as one of the first few ingredients. While I do NOT claim to know it all, I can truly testify to the importance of moisture. My hair has improved drastically since introducing it to water. I always spritz my hair with water or use water based leave-ins such as Reve' Essentials Hair & Body Moisturizer to quench my hair's thirst. I also make sure I drink my 8 cups of water daily. 

With that being said my Kinky Kurlfriends, please, please, please moisturize those strands and make sure you are paying attention to product labels...I promise your hair will thank you for it later!!

Until next time...keep it kinky!! 


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