Saturday, September 17, 2011

Product Review-Tangle Teezer

Name: Tangle Teezer

Ingredients: n/a 

Price: $9.99

Where To Buy: Sally Beauty Supply

Product Promise: gently and effortlessly detangle all types of hair, wet or dry

Review: The Tangle Teezer was raved about by the natural hair community so I rushed out to purchase one at my local Sally Beauty Supply store. I first used the product on dry hair after taking my hair out of braids that I had for a sew-in. Then I used it on wet hair that was saturated with conditioner. Initially, I was totally impressed by the ease of detangling my hair with this product. The only thing I would change would be to add a handle to provide additional support. I used the Tangle Teezer to detangle my hair after cleansing for about 4 weeks before I realized the number of fairy knots I had was not normal. Being that I had just started wearing my hair in its natural state I was unsure if having a lot fairy knots was a common problem for tighter coiled naturals or not so I began to do more research. After reading and watching several reviews about the Tangle Teezer I came to the conclusion that the excessive amount of fairy knots may be a result of using this tool. I immediately stopped use to see if that would help with the problem. Sure enough within a few weeks I noticed a huge difference in my hair. I have not used my Tangle Teezer since and if I use it in the future it will only be after detangling with my fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Summary: In my opinion the Tangle Teezer is not a tool that should be used often or at all by people who have kinky hair. While it is said to be ideal for all types of hair, due to the small amount of space in between the bristles I think the tool is more advantageous for people with straighter/finer strands.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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  1. awww. Thats too bad. I love mine. You might be right because my hair isnt thick. I dont use it often because I need one all over the house. I can never find it when I need it.