Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who Says Natural Hair Isn't Professional?

I've had a lot of people tell me they have decided not to go natural or wear their hair in its natural state because they feel it is not professional and may be frowned upon by their employer. I must admit this was one of the concerns I had when deciding to go natural but I never thought it should be an issue. It's unfortunate that those who have considered wearing their hair natural may choose not to out of fear that they may lose their jobs or not be in the running for a job because of their hair. It is my opinion that everyone should be able to wear their hair as they please as long as it does not prevent them from performing required job duties. However, most companies don't relate professionalism with kinky/coily hair. While I don't work in the most professional setting I do work in an office that has a dress code where being "well put together" from head to toe is expected. When I first revealed my hair in it's natural state at work I expected negative reactions from managers and co-workers instead I received many compliments and questions from inspired individuals. Months later I wonder what I was ever worried about.

Contrary to popular belief natural hair is not a trend, it is here to stay. Employers should not make us feel like it is inappropriate to wear our hair the way God made us. In fact they should learn to embrace it and realize natural hair is beautiful and professional. This does not mean we should not continue to care for and maintain our tresses it simply means our acceptance should not be contingent upon how we wear our hair. As we continue to see more and more naturals in the media, business settings, and in every day life being natural will become less of a foreign concept. Hopefully, as a result more companies will see that natural hair adds diversity to the workplace and is not about being rebellious or defiant. I encourage you to freely and unapologetically wear your natural hair because your natural hair is part of you!

What are your thoughts? Is natural hair unprofessional? Have you had any negative reactions to wearing your natural hair in the workplace?


  1. I completely agree with you. Natural hair is very professional. I have natural curly hair and when I was young I would use an iron on my hair (I wanted to look like Cher) but now I am into my natural hair and am thankful with what God gave me.

  2. I think as long as your hair looks neat and you present yourself in a professional way go with it. Great article, thanks for sharing.