Monday, September 12, 2011

TKK Natural Hair Spotlight-Rebecca Williams

What's your name and where are you from?

My name is Rebecca L. Williams, and I am from Dayton, Ohio.

How long have you been natural?
     I did the Big Chop on June 9, 2011. My last relaxer was November 2010.

     Why did you decide to go natural?

      Well, my stylist had been telling me for a long time that I did not need a relaxer. I hadn’t considered going natural, and didn’t think it was for me.  I started stretching my relaxers to around every 10-12 weeks. I finally decided that I didn’t want another relaxer.
     What is your hair type and how would you describe it (kinky, curly, wavy, spirally, etc)?

      I haven’t really figured out the hair type thing. I guess I would say 3c/4a, and I describe my hair as kinky-curly.

      What is your hair care regimen?

      My hair care regimen thus far is as follows: I wash my hair twice a week. I alternate between co-washing and using a non-sulfate shampoo. I usually use a homemade avocado/banana pre-poo treatment and a deep conditioner on shampoo day. I apply a leave-in conditioner mix and Shea Moisture Curl & Style after washing. I usually mist my hair with H2O, apply oil and the Curl Milk in between wash days. I occasionally refresh with Oyin Handmade Juices and Berries. The only style I have worn is a wash-n-go. I have attempted a twist-out, but that hasn’t worked out that well so far. I will continue working on it until I get it. With the cold weather approaching, I am trying to figure out a protective style that will work with the length of my hair.

      What are your favorite hair products?
      My favorite products are Coconut oil, Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk, Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner, and homemade avocado/banana pre-poo treatment.

Big Chop-6/9/11
      What has been your experience as a natural? Good, bad, or ugly? How has it affected you?  

      My experience being natural has been wonderful! I LOVE my hair, and have no regrets about the decision I made. I feel that my confidence level has definitely boosted. I am more concerned about having healthy hair and about what products I use in my hair than I was before. I have also become more conscious about what skin care products I use and find myself trying more natural remedies.     
      What is an important piece of advice you would give to a newly natural?   
      I would first of all say do your research; there is so much information out there. You will go through a lot of trial and error in figuring out what products work for your hair, as well with mastering styles. Everyone’s hair is different. Don’t rush out and buy every product that you hear about because what works for one person may not work for you. There will always be negative people out there, don’t let anyone discourage you in your journey.
3 Months Post BC-9/11/11

      Final thoughts or words of wisdom?

Embrace your beauty and love yourself who you are.
"Had we not loved ourselves at all, we could never have been obliged to love anything. So that self-love is the basis of all love."-Thomas Traherne

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