Saturday, October 15, 2011

Natural Hair Nazis

A few weeks ago I caught a YouTube video made by JCokes7 aka CoilyHeadChick where she created a beautiful twist out using hair grease and water. I was surprised that this youtuber tried petroleum on her natural hair as it seemed that she followed all the "rules" of maintaining natural hair in her previous videos. I wondered why these petroleum based products our parents used on our hair so many years ago are shunned today in the natural hair community when they seemed to work wonders in the past. I mean I know that when petroleum is applied to the scalp and skin it creates a barrier that "traps" in whatever is on the scalp or skin (good or bad) including moisture, toxins, sweat, etc but you have to wonder if it's really that bad!?!? While one of the first ingredients I was told to avoid using on my hair was petroleum and I opt not to use it I don't feel like CoilyHeadChick or any other person who may use petroleum based products are more or less natural than those who do not use it.


The negative feedback that CoilyHeadChick and others have received regarding their hair care regimen brought back some of the feelings I dealt with when making the decision to go natural. When I started on my natural journey I never intended to wear my hair kinky. I wanted to be natural but wear my hair straightened. I received a lot of flack from other naturals from wanting to wear my hair straight. I felt judged like being chemical free wasn't good enough unless I wore my hair kinky. After doing research and realizing the difficulty in keeping my natural hair straight and the damage flat ironing my hair could cause I made the decision to be a kinky naturalista. Then a few months ago I decided to get a few highlights for the summer only to find out I would need to defend that decision too!! I was asked on several occasions if I was still natural since I had color in my hair. *sideeye* It is my preference not to wear my hair straight but I have no problem with the natural who rocks straight tresses. I like color but I don't feel that everyone needs to go get their hair colored. I also prefer to use all natural products on my hair but again that is my choice and doesn't have to be yours!

I've heard many naturals say that their decision to go natural was a great one because they felt free! I highly doubt that any of these people want to be confined to living in a box and following all the "rules" that these Natural Hair Nazis feel we should follow. I think our focus should be on having healthy hair whether it be relaxed, natural, kinky, straight, colored, or not. Do your OWN research and realize what works for them may not work for you. Don't feel like you have to fit a particular mold, it's your hair so do with it what you want to! At the end of the day however you decide to wear your hair make sure you are happy doing you! 


  1. This post is absolutely on point! There are so many opinions about what folks should and shouldn't do with their hair, but the truth is, we are all different...and it's a free country, shoot. If you want to use grease, go for it. Heck, if I want to use lard on my hair, it's my choice. And it'll still be cute! :-)

  2. Love this! I haven't been on this journey long, but I too have noticed the hair nazis..always tickles me lol.