Monday, October 3, 2011

Starting A Natural Hair & Body Care Line-Q&A w/Me

Many of you know that my friend Rebecca Williams and I recently launched a natural hair and body care line. As more and more people find out about this venture I am asked tons of questions about the line so I decided to create a post to address the questions I have received. Hopefully my answers will help you all understand what was going on in my head when deciding to take on this challenge. Here goes...

What made you decide to start a natural product line?
As I did research to find out what ingredients and existing product lines would work for my hair I began mixing up stuff and using it on my own hair. I tried and liked many natural product lines but I always found myself adding a little bit of this or that to the product to get exactly what I wanted. People started stopping me and asking what I was using in my hair and request that I make them something. So every now and then I would mix up something for a friend and find pleasure in them enjoying the products. I was proud that these lil creations were working for myself and others. I considered creating products and sharing them with more than just my immediate circle. I threw the idea around playfully as I NEVER in a million years thought I would really do it but to my surprise I found a lot of people tell me that they would be interested in trying some of my products. I proposed the idea to Rebecca and asked if she would be willing to join me and just like that we took off with the idea full force.

What makes your natural product line different than existing lines?
I think the biggest thing that makes our product line different is the reason behind us starting it. Neither one of us looked at this just as a financial opportunity but as a way to offer others quality products that we stand behind and feel will help others maintain healthy hair and skin. There are no products that we would sell others that we don't or won't use ourselves. We make all of our products and each batch contains a little bit of love and care!!

Hair & Body Butter
What challenges have you faced with starting a product line?
The biggest challenge has been picking a brand name...which we have yet to! Ideally we would love a name that really encompasses what we have to offer. Our products are currently being used by natural and relaxed individuals so we don't want the product name to be directed towards a particular group. We think the best way to avoid excluding people would be to focus on the fact that the products are natural and handmade. 
Another challenge is marketing and selling the products however, I'm sure once we decide on a name this will become a tad bit easier. We have to find a way to make our products stand out above the rest so that one day we can compete with the popular name brands. Now I'm completely aware that we are not Carol's Daughter but at the same time I realize that even Lisa Price had to start some where. So while we may never reach her level of success I definitely believe that we can be very successful!

How did you decide what products to offer?
We wanted to start by introducing the basics (shampoo and conditioner) and as we continue we will gradually add more items to the product line that are both needed and suggested by our customers. We now offer a hair and body butter that acts a a great moisture sealant and more recently added a hair and body scrub to our list of products. Very soon we will offer body washes, body lotions, and much much more!!

What should we expect from the product line?
Quality products with simple all natural ingredients at reasonable prices!!

What personal goals would you like to reach with the product line?
I  have already reached one of them which was the most important for me...finding something that I am extremely passionate about and actually enjoy doing. It's crazy because two years ago if you would have asked me would I be a natural I would have looked at you side ways. Now not only do I feel like going natural was one of the best decisions I made I have a freakin' hair and body care line!! It may sound silly but in my opinion no dream is too big so I hope and pray that in the future my passion will become my main source of income. I would love to devote the majority of my time and energy doing something that I love and know that I can do well!
Hair & Body Scrub
How do we get our hands on your products?
Our website is in the works so for now you can either inbox me on Facebook or email us directly at



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